Ways a Short Url Can Help Grow Your Business!

Ways a Short Url Can Help Grow Your Business!


A URL shortener is a Web tool that turns long Web page addresses into much shorter ones. An address that is over 150 characters long can be easily turned into a link containing fewer than 20 characters. This is done through the so-called 301 redirects: when a user clicks on a short URL, after a negligible delay, they are taken to the original page with the long URL.


Generating short URLs is extremely easy and doesn't require any technical expertise from a website owner. For instance, here is how it works on shortse

One needs to copy and paste the page address into the create short link field. Make sure to omit the 'https://' part because it's added automatically, and click on generate to create a short URL.

Post that, copy the resulting short URL or share it immediately. Short links are reusable, so you can share the same page many times with the same link.

The many advantages of short URLs

Why would you want to shorten your links? The most obvious technical reason is that the long form looks too long and unwieldy, perhaps even too long to fit on a single line. But apart from practicality, there are some great marketing reasons to use URL shorteners.

What are they? Read on for a breakdown of five ways to promote your products and services with short links.

Build stronger engagement

According to Rebrandly, short URLs can generate up to 39 per cent more clicks than long ones because social media users are more willing to share them. More clicks mean more visitors to your website, store, or blog, and each of them can become a lead.

Considering that you can create short links for free on platforms like Cli.co, this is a rare example of a free way to generate leads. Compared to a campaign on Google Ads, this represents savings of hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

An additional tip is to use branded links and custom domains. Some services, including shortse.com, allow you to transform a short URL from something like cli.co/NFuDlWA into, say, cli.co/buy-cool-tshirts. You can even choose among 20 free domains to use instead of cli.co, such as fb.sv, ok.sv, and more. Even better: it's now possible to use your own website's name by creating links like your-site-name/campaign-name.

Promote your business offline

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